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How I Began and Where I’m Headed


Dia Sharper

A uniquely spirited woman who has chosen to uplift women through the modality of touch, basic meditation & tantra coaching, and healthy lifestyle sharing. 

As a young woman, she has learned (sometimes the hard way) just how sacred and precious her temple is and how important giving attention to her mind, body, & soul is. Whether it was changing her diet, increasing water intake, being protective of her energy, releasing bad habits, changing old thought patterns, releasing negative behaviors of her own, reconnecting with her vagina & womb, and reconnecting with nature... Dia knew she had to change (and still is) in order to get to where she wants to be. 

Through her career, she has learned the art of touch, luxury, and what self care truly is. Whether that was assisting women after delivery making sure they were comfortable, helping them with their newborn, taking care of guests in hotels and spas learning how to make sure they had the most luxurious experiences, learning how to serve and care for people with health issues or disabilities, learning about her power and not being afraid to input her ideas, realizing and seeing just how much of a boss she is, not being afraid to take off of work or put her needs and mental health first, or just learning to be herself no matter how hard it may be or who she's around. 

All of this and more has led her to where she is now. Unemployed by another company and forced to rely on my own God-given skills and gifts. Younivyrce is HER. It's HER energy, HER movement, HER vulnerability, HER creativity, HER thoughts, HER vibe, HER mood, and HER love for women as the life givers here on Earth. 

About My Approach

In 2012, I learned the technique of sending light energy through my hands to another individual's body. In 2017, I began creating non-toxic, herbal products that provided nourishment and that helped uplift one's body and spirit. I have now began to intertwine these two modalities and offer full body relaxation experiences that promote healing, awakening, and helping women give attention to their most prized possessions. Though non-goal oriented, the sessions are filled with warmth, attentiveness, and surrendering to all that may arise while releasing all that needs to go. I have a deep understanding of connection, sensations, atmosphere curation, and knowing what just feels nice & luxurious to us ladies. We deserve!

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